An updated version of the points value for China's new visa scheme has been released, letting expats get a rough idea of which category they're likely to end up in.

China announced a pilot visa scheme that'll run from October 2016 to March 2017, which aims to streamline the process for granting expats visas, and make it easier for "top talents" to be granted work permits. Individuals are classified as either Type A, B, or C applicants based on a variety of factors, including work experience, education level and level of Chinese. This points system is expected to be broadly similar to the ones in places like the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

o    The higher your salary, the higher your points
o    The higher your education, the higher your points
o    The more working experience you have, the higher your points
o    The better your HSK level, the higher your points

Two interesting details; if you're working in Western, South Eastern, Middle or "poor" areas of China (basically anywhere other than the big cities on the east coast, from what we can tell), you get points. In addition, it looks like the visa bureau prefers applicants between the ages of 26-45 years old.

The Full Points Values and Brackets

Type A: 
High Level Talents       Talent Points >85
Type B: 
CommonTalents           Talent Points 60-85
Type C: 
Common Applicants      Talent Points <60

More details, please Click Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

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