Hello, everyone. Today Miracle Mandarin will introduce some methods of making a phone call in Chinese. When some foreigners call Chinese people, they may have difficulties in communication because the one who answered the phone can’t speak English.

So, for foreigners who work in Shanghai, it’s necessary to learn some basic sentences about making phone calls. Please say the sentences with Miracle Mandarin:
Nǐhǎo. Wǒ zhǎo Shěn lǎoshī.
你好。 我  找  沈  老师。
Hello. Can I talk to Miss Shen?
Wǒ xiǎng wèn yíxià HSK kǎoshì de shìqing.
我  想  问 一下 HSK  考试  的  事情。
I’d like to consult something about HSK test.
Kěyǐ rànɡ tā ɡěi wǒ huí ɡe diànhuà ma? Wǒ de diànhuà hàomǎ shì……
可以 让  她 给  我回 个  电话  吗?我 的  电话  号码 是……
Could you tell her to call me back when she returns? My phone number is……
Okay. Did you get that? It is very useful, right? Want to learn more Chinese words or sentences? Come to Miracle Mandarin and you can even speak Chinese in 2 months!


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