The Chinese character "和" has many pronunciations and varies of meanings. Let me show you the pronunciations and the basic usage of it.
hé (and)
wǒ hé nǐ
我  和  你
You and me
hè (join in the singing) v.
qǔ gāo hè guǎ
曲  高   和   寡
When your thing is too special, it's hard to find someone to understand.
hú (complete a set in majong or a card game)
Zhè bǎ pái wǒ hú le.
这   把  牌  我  和  了。
I won in this mahjong game.
huó (mix(powder) with water, etc)
huó miàn
和     面
knead dough
huò (mix; blend; times for changing the water when washing colthes) v.
huò xī ní
和   稀 泥
mess around
Pay attention to: in the word "暖和" which means warm, 和=huo.
和 is really an amazing character! Have you got it? More Chinese Lessons, please click here:

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