Recently, a group of students from University of Canberra, Australia, has experienced the joy of study tour in Shanghai under the organization of Miracle Mandarin.

In addition to experiencing "Happy Chinese Language Class", these students also have the opportunity to visit the landmark of Shanghai and taste the unique Chinese food. What surprised them more is Chinese traditional culture. These cultural essence is perfectly integrated into this international metropolis.

Following Miracle Mandarin, the students found and had a close contact with Chinese tea, tie-dying, Chinese painting and Chinese Calligraphy.

  • Complete Chinese Course and Get the Certificate  
  • Sightseeing of Huangpu River and Enjoy Typical Chinese Food
  • The cultural lecture amazed attentive students
  • Appreciate Chinese Tea, Cheers!
  • Write down your name in Chinese calligraphy and Create Simple Chinese paintings. 
  • Experience the Simple Process of Tie-Dying in China

The short trip to China is going to end. Academic exchanges in the professional field and  learning from Chinese culture not only enrich students' experience, but also bring them friendship and good memories. We believe that the language and culture, the scenery and the people here will stay in their hearts for a long time.

Miracle Mandarin team is very proud to be the bridge connecting Chinese and foreign cultures. We're expecting we can have more interactions between China and the world.