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Essential Basic Study Chinese Pinyin Guide for Beginners
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Course introduction

Course Description:

Pinyin is the core phonetic system that represents Chinese Characters (Hanzi). Basically if you are not aware of Chinese characters at all, you are recommended to use Pinyin as your foundation to learn Mandarin. Beginners especially foreigners will find Pinyin as useful tolls to help them progress their Mandarin study easily. In this course,

  1. Cover everything about Pinyin;
  2. Practice how to pronounce all Pinyin parts (Initials, Finals and tones);
  3. Pinyin rules help you read Mandarin correctly. 
What are the requirements?
  1. Chinese-English dictionary is always a great companion when you start to learn Chinese. It can be digital like an app;
  2. Time to practice Pinyin. Mastering Pinyin is not easy but once you get the grasp of it, your mandarin learning journey will become easier and easier. Standard Pinyin learning time is 5 days, based on our classroom teaching method. During the learning of the next courses, you can always go back to Pinyin course to review and practice Pinyin as your foundation to help you through other courses easily.
What am I going to get from this course?
  1. Speak Chinese quickly and pronounce Chinese easily;
  2. Pick up Chinese new words easily with Pinyin;
  3. Type Chinese on computer or smart phones quickly;
  4. Start learning Chinese with solid pronunciation skills.
What is the target audience?
  1. Anyone who just start to learn Chinese and anyone who has no knowledge of Pinyin skills.



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